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Brian Tafoya

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Mental Health and the continued medical history of my heart transplant.

This was originally written on my Facebook page but thought I would here it here as well.

“Thanks for the information and support everyone. From the bottom of my heart, I love you. Unfortunately, there is a history of Alzheimer’s/Dementia from both of my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was an Medical Doctor who lead a very active lifestyle yet faced a serious decline in his mental state. My grandmother’s case was slower but still there. Bother very intelligent and loving people.

There are some other factors concerning my mental health that I have learned of surprisingly from my youngest son who is well aware of his condition. Our conversations are odd, as he describes what he experiences and it is as he is describing mine without me even mentioning it.

A discussion with my heart failure specialist and the transplant center and I discussed this entire situation and mention that only twice in her career has she seen mental disorders from the medications heart failure/transplant recipients receive, both cases where from Statins, cholesterol medications. I have been on some form of Statins for well over 10 years but it was not until the past couple that this new problem has reared it’s ugly head.

I am sharing this information mostly because I hope it will help some of you deal mental issues you may be experiencing. We are what we eat is the big statement, and I am most certainly very particular about my diet for the past couple of years now. (I am far from perfect when it comes to my diet!) I have personally watched friends/family be overcome by Alzheimer’s, even at young ages. It is not a condition only older people face so keep that in mind.

Ultimately your mental health is your responsibility to be aware of and to do everything you can to keep your mind healthy. Medical professionals are in agreement that this is the first time in history that mankind has been faced with such horrific and depressing situations all around is, across the globe.

Please be good to yourself, your fellow man/woman, and take into account what they may have been experiencing in their lives before reacting to situations such as causing arguments or blaming them for something they may not have control over.

And just for reference, it took me a good hour to type this post and get my thoughts out in a hopefully understandable and legible fashion. I have been for most of my career in very technical professions, first in the electrical field and then the software development field. (Music of course!) I was known in those fields to be at the top of my field. It is almost impossible for me to perform to those standards any longer.

I truly hope you are never faced with this issue or similar issues. Again be good and kind to yourself, and others, and always love without limit because that above all is what our world needs.”