Brian Tafoya

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Who am I?

I am a passionate guy who enjoys life to the fullest! Life is way too short not too!!!

Live, laugh, & Love!

I smile because I am happy, I smile even when I am sad... why you may ask? Because I know that I am blessed with Love!

So, now that I have that out of the way... allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Tafoya and you have come across my little bit of HTML on the Interwebs.

Peace and Love!
- Brian


Brian is a Software Engineer developing software since 1990 while also working as a Journeyman Electrician and a member of the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers. My early programming experience was around programmable logic controls, field monitoring, and data acquisition. I jumped on the Internet early on while hosting the Political BBS, a multi-line dial-up BBS service, and grew quickly learning HTML, Perl, Coldfusion, and PHP, while still developing desktop applications and server software in C and C++.

There are a few other activities I have been involved with... I was an instructor with the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Electrical Industry for several years, ran a small Internet Service for three years only to shut it down during the dot-bombs, and last was a partner in a Phoenix Computer Services company, Smart Guys Computing.

I have been a consultant in the greater Phoenix area working for clients such as IBM, Toshiba, and Insight just to name a few.

My last business was a consulting company, PremaSolutions, a provider of computer-related technologies from networking to software for small to medium size business. Although I am on a medical hiatus, I imagine that I will return to the technology consulting business eventually. (Health providing!)

I am a strong advocate of Open Source Software, in particular, the Linux OS, contributing development to many Open Source Projects throughout the years along with providing technical support and guidance.

  • Senior Software Engineer with extensive knowledge in several programming languages including Java, C++, C, JSP, PHP, Coldfusion, Delphi, VB, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Ajax, Ruby, Python, and Perl. MSSQL and MySQL database design, implementation, and development.
  • Specializing in modern web technologies such as Responsive Design, Dynamic Content and CSS3/HTML5 implementation.
  • Journeyman Electrician with extensive project management experience in both Electrical and CIS fields. Electrical Engineering, Process Control Systems, Programmable Logic Control Systems.
  • Internet Service Provider since 1993 hosting web as well as domain names as well as domain name registration services.
  • Senior Systems/Network Administrator.
  • Specialties: Project Management, Software Engineering and Architecture, Workflow/Process Engineering, PHP, Java, Coldfusion, C++, C, Pascal, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Usability, CSS, Python, Shell Scripting, Perl, AJAX, MySQL, MSSQL, FoxPro.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from being a musician and software engineer, I enjoy most of my time traveling and exploring this amazing world we live in.

I am a member of several different groups as well as a solo act (Lucky Edward) in the Space Coast/Brevard County. Music is one of my greatest passions, something I will always cherish. I play several instruments but I favor the Guitar and Bass Guitar. I currently reside in Merritt Island, Florida.

I have three wonderful children who have grown up to be very loving passionate adults of their own. Truly, I am blessed!

Most recently, I am now called a survivor after receiving the gift of life in the form of a Heart Transplant! (Oct 2018)

Contact Me

Email: support [at] briantafoya [dot] com

My Private Key

ssh-rsa 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 btafoya